Inspired by my friend Peter Brachwitz, I also decided to tackle on the “99 problems“.

He had the noble new-year resolution to solve these problems in Clojure, and post the solutions on his blog.

I think it’s an excellent idea where both the writer and the reader benefit. The writer gets to practice, learn a new language, and interact with existing experts. The reader can get a quick impression of what the language is like through a small problem. So I’ll follow his lead and do the same here, only in Scala. Code will be here:

Whenever I can and remember to do it, I will link, mention or include his Clojure solutions. Not only to give credit where credit is due, but also for people coming from one language interested in the other. Or just for curious observers who are considering one of the languages. Or both!

The same way he warned his readers, I’ll also do: I don’t claim to be a Scala guru, so bear with me :-) If you find better ways to solve the problem, or write better code, I’m happy to learn.